Bonsai Plants Special Unique Gift Ideas Anytime

Gift Plants of Miniature Trees, Perennials are Great Surprise Gifts

Bonsai is an ancient art of Japan whose origins can be first traced to miniature gardens of China. Asians have for centuries managed to combine great beauty and utility in one. Wherever living space is at a premium, it is most important to maximize utility and beauty. The Japanese garden and Japanese bonsai combine this aspect dramatically. Westerners can benefit from the art, beauty and utility of bonsai. Learn why bonsai might be the gift to give to someone special.

Bonsai Gift Plants Unique Surprise Ideas

Bonsai are specially-grown, potted plants. They are miniaturized and constrained forms of the mature plants that abound in nature. Bonsai plants are unique because they are relatively easy to maintain, and each brings an inside-the-house-garden feel for wherever bonsai are placed around the home. Properly cared for and maintained bonsai can live for years to decades. Care in choosing is the first step to assuring a successful bonsai gift.

Types of Bonsai Common to the Marketplace

There are several types of plant species that are suitable for bonsai. The various types of bonsai each convey their own ambiance or feeling. Careful, thoughtful selection of bonsai helps set the framework for making a wonderful gift that bonsai can satisfy the receiver of the gift. There are many types and species of bonsai. Here is a short list of some plants that are common bonsai favorites:

  • Juniperus spp. (juniper): An evergreen with a dramatic, tree look as shown in photos below.
  • Pinus (pine): Evergreen, many species available.
  • Jade: Succulent, resists drying and is an easy-care plant.
  • Ficus (fig): Tropical, subtropical; different types include weeping figs, dwarf varieties; all are very pretty with a tropical look.
  • Acer spp. (maple). Deciduous tree, leaf color change and drop in Fall, leafed Spring to Fall; many and various species available.
  • Serissa japonica: A small shrub that produces little flowers over 6-10 months. Pretty.

Bonsai Care and Bonsai Maintenance

The care and maintenance of bonsai is not difficult. Each plant type and container requires minimal, but regular care. Here are some of the most important considerations:

  • Light. Appropriate amount for the plant. Some plants require little light, others require more light. Natural or artificial light works well in most instances. Most bonsai do well with 4-6 hr per day of light.
  • Water. Supplying water once a week is sufficient for most bonsai. Most bonsai require adequate drainage and a drain hole in the bottom of the pot should drain into a reservoir, or water catch basin.
  • Fertilizer. Liquid is preferred by some bonsai growers. Light fertilization every 6 months is sufficient. Too much fertilizer will cause rapid growth and ungainly plants in some cases.

Consider a gift of bonsai for someone who loves plants. That person might even be the very one who is reading this article. Sayonara for now.